National Remembrance Day – Domestic Violence

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National Remembrance Day – Domestic Violence

I was honoured to be invited to attend a morning tea held in Port Pirie to remember those that have died as a result of Domestic Violence.  Guest speaker Helen Oxenham talked about the ‘Spirit of Women” and Lyn Barrington “A survivor’s Story” both women told their personal stories of being affected by Domestic Violence in their lives.  Pictured:  Geoff, Helen Oxenham, Lyn Barrington and Sam Gill.

“Place of Courage”

Helen also spoke of ‘The Spirit of Woman Commemorative Sculpture Project which is currently underway and have support of councils.

The sculptures are aimed at raising awareness, creating dialogue in the community, promoting healing, providing a public space for community gatherings and to make it clear that social change is necessary and we must unite for this to happen.

Art is a powerful medium that can be used to transform place and foster healing in communities. Public art, in particular, can be a powerful vehicle for community healing and enhancement, creating an array of social and economic benefits for individuals, artists, government bodies, and communities alike.

Creations of domestic violence commemorative sculptures are much needed in today’s society. Humanity needs a place to heal, to mourn and to remember the women and children who have predominantly died at the hands of domestic violence. This sculpture will not only support those who are mourning the loss of their mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends, but will act as a shadow of support for women who are still silently suffering.

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