TalkLife – Mental Health Awareness and Wellness

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TalkLife – Mental Health Awareness and Wellness

TalkLife is a Mental Health Awareness and Wellness project to offer assistance and clarity to those who are not doing so well in their daily lives mentally.  Peter and his wife Kathy are the founders and also the major funders of the TalkLife project.

The wellness part of the project is aimed at those who are lonely, sad or just need a chat… they promote talking and love to listen.

They are looking for sponsors and donations to get on board the bus project. They have partnered with a charity in Balaklava called Enthos is a not-for-profit based in Balaklava, SA. Incorporated.

Geoff took time to visit Peter and view the Talklife Bus to learn more about this project which offers valuable support to those in the community.

TalkLife  can be contacted:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0459 114 972 (Monday to Friday Business Hours) excluding Public Holidays