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Respiratory Clinic – COVID 19 – Clare

Clare Medical Centre is proud to announce that it has been selected to be part of the Australian Government’s fight against COVID-19. This involves a separate Respiratory Clinic based at the rear of our clinic and is the first in rural South Australia. The clinic is now available to ANY patient in our Mid North region with respiratory symptoms such as fever, sore throat, dry cough, runny nose, lethargy etc.

This clinic aims ease the pressure on surrounding GP clinics and hospitals by separating out potential COVID-19 and influenza patients from the general patient population. This will help to build confidence in patients who may have deferred or cancelled appointments and reviews with local GPs due to concerns about cross-infection with their premises and local hospitals. This respiratory clinic also means that precious stocks of PPE can used for occasional cases in other practices, conserving a precious resource.

With current SA Health guidelines that calls for any patient with respiratory symptoms to be swab tested, this respiratory clinic also means that people have greater and more reliable access to testing. We have a dedicated and ongoing source of PPE from the Australian Government for the purpose of large numbers of swab tests.

Within the clinic, a detailed patient assessment is undertaken and decision about swab testing is made according to current SA Health guidelines. Our clinic will follow up the results of the swab test with each patient and copy of the test will go to the usual practitioner. In addition a summary of the assessment will also be sent for their records. The patient’s ongoing care is undertaken by the patients usual doctor; the respiratory clinic is for assessment and diagnosis, not for Clare Medical Centre to undertake ongoing review.

There is no out of pocket cost to the patient. Appointments are required to be made by patients via the CMC website (, via the HotDoc app or by calling our clinic on (08) 8841 3777. No walk in appointments are possible.

Patients attending the Respiratory Clinic will be asked to park at the back of the CMC clinic and enter via the rear entrance once directed by phone.

If you have any questions, please call CMC on (08) 8841 3777 and ask to speak with Dr Gerry Considine or Dr Phil Gribble. We will be able to clarify any questions that you have. There is also a Mid North Respiratory Clinic Facebook page with further information.

Kate Dorsey is the Communications Officer at CSAPHN who will be able to provide further details on the Respiratory Clinics around the district.  Her contact details are:  [email protected] / 0437 324 382

We appreciate the hard work that our whole region has done already and we look forward to supporting your hospital during these testing times.