Covid-19 Update – Changes announced – South Australia

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Covid-19 Update – Changes announced – South Australia

Covid- 19  Update – Changes announced – South Australia

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade said that while there is never zero risk of transmission of this virus, it’s important these measures are put into place to maintain important services such as bringing Australians home.

“Based on health advice, we are again further strengthening our gold star rated medi-hotel system,” Minister Wade said.   “This is a new virus and we are learning more about it every day, which is why it’s important we act swiftly and decisively to reduce the risk of possible exposure.”

The eight actions include

1.     Transferring all positive COVID cases from medi-hotels to a dedicated health facility – one option being considered is the old Wakefield Hospital.

2.   Security at the dedicated facility will be provided exclusively by SA Police and SA Protective Security Officers.

3.   Staff working at the dedicated facility will not be deployed to another medi-hotel or high-risk environments, including aged care facilities, correctional facilities, and hospitals.

4.   All staff working in the dedicated facility have access to a Hotel for Heroes facility so that they have the option to rest away from their home.

5.   All risk mitigation strategies will be put to the AHPPC before implementing them and we continue to seek advice from the AHPPC on secondary employment for medi-hotel staff and other issues.

6.   The State Government will ask National Cabinet to consider testing all returning Australian citizens prior to their flight, with a view to requiring a negative test result before boarding.

7.   The medi-hotel in question will be thoroughly deep cleaned.

8.   Once these new actions are implemented, we will be able to gradually resume our international arrivals for returning Australians.