Inquire into the Surgical Implantation of Medical Mesh in Australia

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Inquire into the Surgical Implantation of Medical Mesh in Australia


In its inquiry and report the Committee will consider –

(a) the number of people in South Australia adversely affected following the implantation of medical mesh;

(b) the benefits of establishing a South Australian register of mesh implant recipients, including a prospective and retrospective audit, which includes the public and private hospital sectors;

(c) identifying the current role of South Australian medical practitioners in reporting medical mesh associated adverse outcomes and the consequences of nonmandatory reporting;

(d) assessing the usefulness of current patient information provided prior to surgery, including options for non-surgical treatment, possible adverse outcomes and fully informed consent;

(e) the credentialing of medical practitioners conducting implantation and the removal of medical mesh;

(f) identifying the extent to which there exists a need for physical and psychological support, including family members, following adverse outcomes;


(g) any other related matter.

Any person or organisation wanting to make a written submission is invited to do so by Friday 13 September, 2019. Submissioners are made publicly available on the internet unless determined otherwise by the Committee. Requests that names and/or content of a submission remain confidential should be clearly stated on the submission and will be considered by the Committee. Submissions that address issues outside the terms of reference may not be accepted. With regard to the hearing of evidence, the Committee reserves the right to determine which witness will be invited to provide an oral submission.

Additional information on the Committee and making a submission is available at

Please address enquiries and submissions to:

The Secretary, Social Development Committee,

GPO Box 572, Adelaide 5001,

or e-mail to: [email protected] ph:08 82379416