Our Town Funding – Health needs in rural & remote areas

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Our Town Funding – Health needs in rural & remote areas

Our Town is new funding to empower South Australian towns to tackle their specific mental health challenges.

The Fay Fuller Foundation will enter into partnerships of up to a decade with SA rural and regional towns. These partnerships will explore and work towards solutions to mental health challenges identified by the towns themselves

  • Our Town funding is for towns with populations of approximately 10,000 people or less, or clusters of towns with combined populations of less than 10,000 people.  Initially, six towns will be chosen for 6-12 months of mentoring and support to further explore their issues and look at possible solutions to make the changes they hope to see.
  • From the shortlisted six towns, two towns will be selected for 10 years of large-scale funding support and assistance.

The actual amount of funding will depend on what the towns decide to do, however, the final two towns could receive several million dollars each in funding over the 10 years.   This funding differs from other approaches as it is not bound by an election cycle and the individual towns involved will identify the mental health challenges they wish to address.  We are also not flying in with our own solutions as we want towns to tell us what mental health means for them and the changes they want to see.

Our Town funding is not to simply replace or expand services but it’s about building the capability within communities – or skills, processes and structures – to enable them to work towards long-term and sustainable change.

The idea for Our Town came from a research report we commissioned which showed how major the issue of mental health is in regional SA. We have chosen smaller rural and regional towns as we felt that they may not have the resources or influence to attract the funding required to make significant change.

For more information visit: https://www.fayfullerfoundation.com.au/our-funding-grants/our-town/

Applications close: 5 August, 2019.