Grants Community


The Australian Government is inviting applications through a targeted competitive process to apply for grant funding under the Supporting YoungerVeterans (SYV) program.

The intended outcomes of the program are to:

  • support the development of well-researched and tailored services for the younger veterans’ community, with a particular focus on services supporting those at risk of experiencing poor mental health
  • develop capability within the veteran community that services the unique needs of the younger veterans’ community
  •  fund organisations that can sustainably deliver services to the younger veterans’ community now and into the future
  •  increase collaboration amongst organisations to expand services and harness existing expertise for the benefit of the younger veterans’ community
  • increase awareness of younger veterans’ community issues and/or services within the Australian and veteran communities, where doing so would benefit the younger veterans’ community.

For more information or to apply visit:

Applications close at 11:00pm AEDT on 5 February 2021.