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West End Community Fund

Launched in January 2009, the West End Community Fund was established to assist the communities in which many South Australian people live, work, develop and grow.

WECF receives funds from the West End Water Fountain that the SA Community pays for. All proceeds after costs will benefit South Australians in many forms.

It is WECF’s vision that the Fund will assist communities that have an urgent need or by providing grants for projects that will improve the lifestyle of a community. From time to time funds may be used for projects created or supported by Lion SA/ WECF.

The Fund is established as an internal fund of Lion SA and is set per year by the committee, and will be determined each year based on receipts presented by the end of the financial year – 31 December.

For further information visit: https://www.westenddraught.com.au/community-aid/wecf/