Brock calls for more Horror Highway rehab

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Brock calls for more Horror Highway rehab

It’s undulating and patched, a nightmare drive for people with injuries and exhausting for heavy
vehicle drivers – it’s the Horrocks Highway, dubbed, by some, the Horror Highway – and it’s still waiting
for upgrades along some of the worst stretches of this freight and tourist route.

Member for Frome Geoff Brock MP has been campaigning for improvements to this road, also
named by the RAA as one of the most dangerous in the State, for more than a decade.
Various injections of funding from government have seen the creation of overtaking lanes, patching
work, shoulder reseals and more, but still the highway remains an undulating nightmare.

Running from Gawler, north to the Flinders Ranges and culminating at Quorn, the Highway is 354km

“The State Government has announced $55 million of funding to upgrade the 245km of the Horrocks
Highway between Wilmington and Gawler and the first major works package has begun with
shoulder sealing from Gladstone to 10km south of Georgetown and from Murray Town to Wirrabara
– 32km in length,” Mr Brock said.

“A second package of major works then began in February with road widening and shoulder sealing
from Wilmington to 5km south of Melrose – 27km in length.

“I am pleased that the State Government continues to acknowledge the need to make upgrades
to this road, but, as a matter of urgency, I would like it to direct some attention to rehabilitating the
highway from Roseworthy, in particular the area surrounding Templers.

“Both my office and constituents of the Frome electorate who live in Rhynie, Saddleworth, Riverton
and other locations in the Clare & Gilbert Valleys region have all written to the Minister expressing
their concerns surrounding the safety of this road.

“And I have strongly suggested to the Minister that work also be commenced from Roseworthy,
working north, in conjunction to the work already commenced.”