Brock pleased by rural road win

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Brock pleased by rural road win

Regular lobbying and pressure by Member for Frome Geoff Brock MP has finally seen a double win for rural road users in his electorate.

Mr Brock has praised the State Government’s work in improving the surface of the Goyder Highway and reinstating the road’s speed limit to reflect the greatly enhanced condition.

“I began campaigning for road improvements more than three years ago, after the speed limit on this road was reduced to 100km/h from 110km/h as part of a Statewide review of rural roads which were in poor driving condition,” Mr Brock said.

“This particular section of the rural road network, from Crystal Brook to Gulnare, was in a very good condition prior to recent upgrade works and should never have had its speed limit downgraded to 100km/h.

“However, I welcome any work on rural roads which enhance their safety for users and particularly welcome the sensible decision to reinstate the previous 110km/h speed limit on the Goyder Highway.”

Mr Brock said he had been campaigning for this outcome since mid-2017 with the Minister of the Day, following up again the next year and the year after that.

“I was pleased with the announcement at the beginning of 2020 that work would begin, through the Australian Government’s Rural Roads Safety Package, to  improve several shoulders on the Goyder Highway and am ecstatic that this has finally been completed and the speed limits reinstated.”

“Rural residents are already penalised by having to travel great distances to attend to daily and recreational needs without the added impost of spending more time on the road than necessary.

“We also see frustrated drivers making risky moves trying to overtake trucks, which already have their speed limit capped at 100km/h.

“This is a win win for all Goyder Highway users,” Mr Brock said.

Two other regional roads have also had their speed limits lifted following a range of road improvements, including Carpenter Rocks Road near Mt Gambier and the Andamooka Road.