Disappointing Road Upgrades

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Disappointing Road Upgrades

Member for Frome Geoff Brock MP revealed his disappointment in the road upgrades in the Mid North of the State earlier this week.

Despite millions of dollars being spent in the past five months on road upgrades for two particularly bad sections of road, namely the Goyder Highway from Crystal Brook to Gulnare and the Blyth Plains road, Mr Brock said poor workmanship and/or materials have made both these roads worse than before the works began.

Citing sharp drop offs and potholes developing soon after the completion of work and no measures in place to ensure its quality, Mr Brock is now very concerned for the safety of road users in these areas.

At the beginning of December Mr Brock wrote to Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Corey Wingard thanking him for the great work recently carried out on the Goyder Highway, which allowed the previous speed limit to be returned to 110 KPH.

“However, the substantial work in this area has now been to no avail,” Mr Brock said.

“The whole 5km section of new road has failed, with bitumen and edges deteriorating, surface dislodging and material being thrown up from grain trucks causing safety concerns for vehicles travelling behind.”

Mr Brock said it appeared the preparation works and materials were not, in his view, up to the standard that should be expected by the community and taxpayers.

“I have asked the Minister whether these projects were inspected prior to ‘sign off’ and what, if any, processes were in place for inspection of the works once a contract was issued.”

“After six years of lobbying to have these roads upgraded for safety reasons, I am vastly disappointed and extremely concerned at the outcome.” Mr Brock said.

“I am asking that Transport Minister, Corey Wingard, take immediate measures to investigate the quality of the work and begin remediation as soon as possible.”