For the health and wellbeing of all South Australians – please stay home this Easter

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For the health and wellbeing of all South Australians – please stay home this Easter

Hon Steven Marshall MP – Premier

This Easter, my message cannot be any clearer, I am asking all South Australians to please stay home.
Now is simply not the right time to be taking a holiday in regional South Australia, it’s a time to stay home, in your family or household groups.

The very strong advice from our chief public health officer is that anyone who travels around our state is a potential carrier of COVID-19. That’s why we need everyone to simply reduce that risk, and stay home.
Non-essential travel means just that – please rethink your holidays. As hard as it is, we need to look after our entire community, across the whole state.

We need to stick together and follow the advice of our health experts and we need to do the right thing for all South Australians and to protect ourselves from this very aggressive virus. It is like nothing we have seen before, and it is making us change the way we go about our day-to-day lives.

It has certainly impacted all of us. Our thoughts are with those who have contracted the virus, to their families and to the health services who are working so hard to look after those needing care. We know COVID-19 is already in the regions, but is yet to take a significant hold.

That is why we need to continue to limit the chance of it spreading. By doing so, we can further protect those regional communities and their precious health resources.

So as we head towards the traditional Easter break, school holidays and even your weekends trips, we ask you to just put your plans on hold. Do it for your family and loved ones, and for all South Australians.

The sooner we limit the spread, the sooner life can return to normal. Then, we can start to plan ahead for our much over-due holidays. Our regions will be there to welcome you with open arms.