Funding package to sustain Fishing future

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Funding package to sustain Fishing future

After working with the Minister for Fisheries and the Treasurer, Geoff is pleased that a direction has been achieved to help ensure the sustainability of snapper, Whiting and Garfish stocks for future generations.

Geoff has also been working closely with Rec Fish SA, Marine Fishers Association and Marine Scale Net Fishermen’s Association to get their views and recommendations.

All involved – Danny Simpson, Rec Fish SA, Nathan Bicknell – Marine Fishers Association and Bart Butson – Marine Scalenet Fishermen’s Association were all in agreement on direction moving forward.

The allocation of $20 million volunatary buy back scheme, will buy back a third of South Australia’s marine scalefish fishing licenses.

Key components of the plan include, targeting the removal of 100 commercial net and longline licences, in addition to the introduction of new zoning and quota management regulations to safeguard the future of the fishery.

A comprehensive recreational fishing survey will be undertaken to improve estimates of recreational catch and effort across the state – understanding participation levels and learning what, where and how many fish are being caught.

Further opportunities for stock enhancement programs – including in marine and metropolitan waterways – will also be investigated.

There will be further debate of how these new measures will be implemented.  The commercial fishing sector will also be contributing funds to the buy-back process.