Highway funding welcomed but what’s happening at Warnertown?

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Highway funding welcomed but what’s happening at Warnertown?



7 January 2022

Highway funding welcomed but what’s happening at Warnertown?

The recent announcement that the Australian Government plans to spend nearly $207 million on stages 1 & 2 of the Princes Highway-Augusta Highway duplication is exciting and very much welcomed, according to Member for Frome Geoff Brock MP.

Mr Brock has been a great advocate for the duplication and is particularly appreciative for the work planned from Port Wakefield to Lochiel.

“This is a very busy section of the highway, and I know residents and businesses will be pleased the work will be done.

“It is also greatly appreciated that $10m was allocated in the last State Budget for design works for the duplication of the Augusta Highway from Crystal Brook to Port Pirie.”

However, Mr Brock is still waiting for a reply to a question he asked in State Parliament on the last day of November 2021, prior to parliament being suspended for a five month break.

“I asked the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, the Hon Corey Wingard, what the timeline was for plans or designs for the highway, as it applied to Warnertown.

“The funds have been allocated for the design work, but no indication of when the plans will be released,” Mr Brock said.

“This is impacting on the community and on local businesses who are concerned about their own expansion plans but cannot make any decisions until they know what the designs for the highway will look like.”

At the sitting of the House of Assembly on November 30, 2021, Mr Wingard promised to get an update and provide it to Mr Brock.

“So far, I have heard nothing – and given that Parliament is now effectively closed for business, I am unsure when I will have any relevant information to pass on to my constituents in Warnertown,” Mr Brock said.