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Despite being appreciative of the rehabilitation works being undertaken on the Horrocks Highway which runs from Gawler through to Quorn, Member for Frome Geoff Brock MP is again disappointed that some of the most important areas needing attention have been ignored by the State Government.

The 354km highway is a major link for communities living in the Upper and Mid North of the State as well as being an important freight route for regional business.

“This week, in Parliament, I asked Infrastructure and Transport Minister Corey Wingard about the rehabilitation of the highway, where it runs through the small towns along its length,” Mr Brock said.

“Disappointingly the Minister was unable to provide me with an intelligible answer, instead choosing to waffle and prevaricate.

“I suggested that roadworks begin at Roseworthy and work towards the north, in combination with the work currently occurring from Wilmington to the south.

“In this way the Horrocks Highway would be addressed from both directions at the same time, but unfortunately the Minister was unwilling or unable to give me a straight answer, even when asked for clarity by the Speaker of the House.”

Mr Brock said he was appreciative of the rehabilitation works on the highway, which is occurring from Georgetown to Clare, but that more needed to be done to improve the road surface as it passed through other towns.

“There has been no allowance for works on this dreadful road through the northern towns such as Yacka, Georgetown, Laura and Melrose.

“We are expecting our communities, families, businesses and visitors to travel on this highway, with its undulating and substandard surface, while at the same time expecting them to stay safe on the roads and contribute to our regional and state economy. It’s, again, not good enough.”

Although not all the regions through which the Horrocks Highway runs are within Mr Brock’s electorate he said road safety should have no political boundaries and he would continue to advocate for the health and safety of all communities.