Less talk – more action needed for Port Augusta

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Less talk – more action needed for Port Augusta

Current member for Frome Geoff Brock MP, is contesting the seat of Stuart in the upcoming State election and is calling for less talk and more action to curb current anti-social behaviour occurring in Port Augusta.

“Port Augusta is a great community, and the people in this City are leaders in developing and implementing social programs,” Mr Brock said.

“But since the previous City Safe Program came to an end due to lack of support from the State and Federal Governments, anti-social behaviours have started to spiral out of control.”
“The impact on the business and general community as well as the City’s reputation, has been severe.”

For a decade, the Port Augusta City Council ran a successful fully funded annual program to proactively manage the social behaviour in Port Augusta, which cost rate payers over $220,000 a year.

“To be quite frank, it’s not fair to place the sole burden of managing, and paying, for such a program on the Council and ratepayers alone,” Mr Brock said.

“We need to see the Council, State and Federal Governments come together to find the solution – it’s exactly what happens in places like the Northern Territory, and I see no reason why the same initiatives cannot be applied here.”

Mr Brock said he was appalled the Council has had to endure a talk fest with the State Government, since the former City Safe Program ceased, with no visible outcomes.

“Whilst I acknowledge the conversations that have been had, we have to remember there are vulnerable people amongst the community who need support and who need to feel safe.

“These residents, as well as the entire Port Augusta community, are victims of a government that has, quite frankly, delivered nothing in this space,” Mr Brock said.

“It’s now time to stop talking and start delivering – enough time has been wasted.”

Mr Brock has suggested the State and Federal Government release funding to the Council to develop and implement a proactive program similar to the one rolled out in the Northern Territory.
“These programs are designed to help whole communities, while protecting the most at risk.

“Relying on SAPOL is a reactive measure and it is also unfair to have SAPOL carry the solitary burden in managing these issues.”

Mr Brock has given his unqualified support that, should he be elected at the forthcoming state election, he would work quickly to get a program developed, including lobbying for state and federal funding to address the growing concerns amongst the Port Augusta community.

“Enough talking. The people of Port Augusta are crying out for action. This is the least we can provide to a community who are doing it tough.

“We must not, and cannot, forget those vulnerable people, and we must ensure everyone feels safe in their community,” Mr Brock said.