Mining Bill – Landowners lose rights

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Mining Bill – Landowners lose rights

Despite his best efforts and continual lobbying in State Parliament, Member for Frome MP Geoff Brock’s Bill to help protect South Australian landowners’ rights has been defeated.

Mr Brock said he was disappointed at the result which blocked the Bill from being discussed at Committee level, where it could have been further refined with amendments.

“My bill was introduced into Parliament in mid-2019 asking for a Commission of Enquiry to investigate land access regimes under the Mining Act 1971 and the opal Mining Act 1995  and the operation of the Department of Energy and Mining as it affects land access regimes,” Mr Brock said.

The Bill would have provided an opportunity to investigate best practice at a national and international level, while at the same time balancing the rights of landowners and exploration.

Mr Brock said his proposed Bill was not controversial and would have helped clarify concerns in the sector, allowing for an independent enquiry into land access.

“I have not given up, and have now asked for a ‘Select Committee’ to look at this issue and I will continue to lobby the Minister to send the Mining Bill which was passed last year out for further consultation with stakeholders,” Mr Brock said.