Wednesday, 27 October 2021                    HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY                                    Page 8105/8106


The Hon. G.G. BROCK (Frome) (15:53): Pink’s Mitre 10 is a long-established family owned business operation. Currently controlled by a sixth generation family member, it has undergone many changes since its humble beginnings. In 1855, Thomas Pink Sr came to Clare from Crystal Brook.  After spending a short time in Clare he moved his family to Burra, but returned in 1861.

He commenced business as a carpenter and, soon after, his son Thomas Pink Jr expanded the business to include a chaff mill, which supplied produce and hardware to the district and operated as a grain agency.

After the death of Thomas Pink Jr in 1930, his sons Frank and Charles carried on the flourishing business until 1939, when Charles sold his interest to Frank. The firm then took on the trading name of F. Pink and Sons Pty Ltd, which remained until the late 1980s. Under the management of Frank Pink, the business continued to grow and a large clientele was built up from farmers and graziers in the nearby districts and vast pastoral leases in the north and the east. This situation continues today, with customers coming from all over the state.

Frank Pink died in 1946 at the age of 62, and his sons Geoff and Ron continued the operation and the store. Under Geoff and Ron, the business continued to grow and in 1952 a new premises was built on the site now occupied by Jim Best Ford. In 1969, Ron sold his interest to Geoff, who then continued as manager until 1971 when his son Wayne took over. Wayne’s first year at the helm proved to be a baptism of fire, literally, when on 10 June disaster struck and the business was burnt to the ground.

Fortunately, the old premises were still intact and after many hours of hard work and a lot of help from the local townspeople the business was back trading within weeks. Not long after a new store was opened, now the site of Mid North sports store, which concentrated on general hardware, whilst the old premises remained trading as a grain and bulk hardware store. This situation continued until the early 1980s when Geoff Pink retired and the bulk side of the business was closed down.

Initially, the new store traded under the Homestead Hardware banner; however, in 1974 Wayne made the decision to join the new South Australian Mitre 10 group. This decision led to a long and successful partnership together with Pink’s Mitre 10, currently the oldest member in South Australia. In 1974, disaster struck again with heavy rains causing the banks of the Hutt River to swell and flood most of the businesses in the township of Clare, including Pink’s. Once again, Wayne and his staff rallied together and in a short time it was business as usual.

From 1974 until 1986, the store continued to grow, at which point Wayne’s eldest son Greg joined the business. About this time they also dropped the familiar name of F. Pink & Sons and adopted the name Pink’s Mitre 10, now synonymous with the store. In 1988, Wayne’s second son Nicholas also joined the business and at the time there were major changes looming once again.  November 1988 saw the beginning of a new era, with Pink’s Mitre 10 opening a new store on the site of the old Foodland supermarket.

There was much fanfare, with this being the first flagship store for Mitre 10 (South Australia), which at the time was the pinnacle of the Mitre 10 group. The opening was a gala event with in-store broadcasting by the local radio station, marching girls, Father Christmas and more. In 2005, the store was due for a sprucing up again and Greg and Nicholas managed the arduous task of converting the store to a new concept of Mitre 10.

After months of hard work, changing the format and turning the store upside down while still trading, another relaunch celebration took place in October 2005. Following the Mitre 10 requirements, the store was updated to the current blue and white livery in 2012. In 2013, Nicholas sold his interest to Greg who, with his wife Melanie (or Mel), has continued on with the business.  Pink’s Mitre 10 is a longstanding family-owned business now in its 16th decade of trading.

Over the years, it has experienced its fair share of pleasure and pain. The company has had a long association with Mitre 10, and Wayne has held many positions with the group, most notably chairman from 1988 to 1992, and Greg now continues that tradition as a member of the South Australian Marketing Action Committee (SAMAC).  The business has won many awards over many years, with many nominations in between, something of which they are very proud.

Their long history and a successful present all augers well for a bright and prosperous future. I have to compliment the Pink family. It is a fantastic and brilliant family. They are very family orientated and have also been very good for not only Clare but the surrounding areas. I wish them well and am looking forward to a long association for many years to come.