Mr BROCK (Frome) (15:07): Thank you, Mr Speaker. I think I must have to scream for a supplementary. However, my question is to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development. Minister, I take on board that you haven’t got any criteria at this stage for the Regional Growth Fund, and I’m looking forward to that for my own electorate.

The Hon. S.K. KNOLL: On a point of order—

The SPEAKER: Minister for Transport, I will hear the entirety of the question before I deliberate if the question is in order, since the member did commence before the final buzzer.

Mr BROCK: During your conversations with the many regional development associations across regional South Australia, which I agree about—they are the backbone of it—have you had discussions regarding the Regional Growth Fund and where it is currently at the moment?

The SPEAKER: Minister, would you like to answer that question?

The Hon. T.J. Whetstone: I couldn’t hear.

The SPEAKER: Could you please repeat a version of the question.

Mr BROCK: I will bring it back. Minister, during your conversations with the many regional development associations across regional South Australia, have you had any discussion about where the Regional Growth Fund is and when it will be available to people in the regions?

The Hon. T.J. WHETSTONE (ChaffeyMinister for Primary Industries and Regional Development) (15:08): I thank the member for his very important question. Yes, when I met with the RDAs—

Members interjecting:

The SPEAKER: Order!

Mr BROCK: Excuse me, Mr Speaker, I cannot hear the answer.

The SPEAKER: Yes, neither can I. Thank you, member for Frome. Members on my left will be quiet, as will the members on the right.

The Hon. T.J. WHETSTONE: The members on your left don’t care about regional South Australia, sir. They don’t care about regional—

The SPEAKER: Could the minister please answer the question; return to the substance. Thank you.

The Hon. T.J. WHETSTONE: To the member, yes, my long discussions with the RDAs did encompass how the Regional Growth Fund would be designed and developed.

As I have with many industries, commodity sectors and businesses around South Australia, I am being inclusive as to how that money will be allocated and how those terms of reference will be put to the criteria of people being able to apply for that money. It is important that regional South Australia is given an ear. For 16 years they have been ignored. There were no votes over there for that part of the world—regional South Australia.

What I will say is that for the 16 years they have been ignored, for the next 16 years they will not be ignored, I can assure you. Member for Frome, thank you for your question. You will hear what the Regional Growth Fund is about in due course.