Thursday, 18 March                                                                                           House of Assembly                                                                                                Page 4697

The Hon. G.G. BROCK (Frome) (11:04): I move:  

That the Select Committee on Land Access be authorised to enable members of the committee to participate in proceedings of the committee using audiovisual or audio means of communication (including a combination of both) and be deemed to be present at meetings and counted for the purposes of a quorum, providing that:  

  1. each participating member is able to communicate contemporaneously with each other participating member when making any deliberation, or taking part in any vote, during the meeting; and  
  1. (ii) when a witness gives oral evidence to the committee, the members of the committee constituting a quorum are able to hear the witness contemporaneously and question the witness within the hearing of each other committee member constituting the quorum. 

  The SPEAKER: Does the member for Frome wish to speak further to the motion?  

The Hon. G.G. BROCK: No, Mr Speaker. The issue is that, when the select committee was formed, we thought we had the authority to meet remotely. That was not there, so we are now finalising the authorisation for the committee to meet, as I said in the motion.  

Motion carried.