Mr BROCK (Frome) (15:40):  First up, may I congratulate you on your appointment as Speaker. I believe that you will do a fantastic job, and I would hope that you will continue your impartiality regarding the chamber in question time; I must compliment you on that. Today, I would like to speak about a small group of youth who have faced challenges throughout their lives. This group—Lissie Waterman, Kathleen McGrath, Kellie Martlew and Daniel Antel—recently participated in the Special Olympics Australia National Games held in Adelaide, as the Minister for Sport mentioned a few moments ago.

All these youths live in Port Pirie. This group participated in tenpin bowling, and during the championship they not only performed well but, very importantly, participated in a sport that they thoroughly enjoy. These young kids—I say ‘young kids’, but some of them are up to the age of 25 or 30—are really happy people, and they go out and make certain they enjoy exactly what they are doing. I will continue a bit later with what my personal involvement with these people is.

I am going to list the medals that each person won during their events. I am going to give a copy of this Hansard to these youths and their parents for them to be able to put it in their memorabilia. Lissie Waterman won silver in the singles, silver in the doubles, gold in the team event and scored a single strike. Daniel Antel won silver in the team event, bronze in the singles event, came fifth in the doubles event and scored a double strike. Kathleen McGrath won gold in the singles event, gold in the team event, came sixth in the doubles event and scored a single strike. Kellie Martlew scored a gold in the singles event, gold in the doubles event, another gold in the team event and scored two double strikes.

As members can see, they won medals in all three events and got places in every event that they participated in. These four young people have done Port Pirie, and specifically their families and their friends, very proud. The total cost of attending these games was in excess of $3,000, and these youths did not sit on their laurels. They went out and fundraised. They had barbecues and they fundraised with various organisations. They raised over $1,000 towards the cost, with great support from businesses in Port Pirie, as well as the Orana organisation and the Port Pirie sporting association.

At times, they had to get up at 4am for travelling and/or training, most of which was in Adelaide, but not once did they complain. The record of their coach, Maxine Bowden, as a mentor to these people is second to none, and she deserves praise for her dedication, commitment and loving support for people who have an intellectual disability. Maxine really needs to be congratulated. She does it because she wants to do it and she has been involved with these groups for over 26 years. All these people have attended a special school at some time in their lives, and some of them have also attended the Orana organisations across South Australia. These young people are an example of what people with intellectual challenges can achieve and what they are able to do.

I had a chat with the Minister for Sport a minute ago, and one of the things you see when these young people go down the street or are out in the community is that they are always happy, they are always smiling and, no matter where you are—either in the street or at a sporting event—they will give you a high five. People who do not know these young people look at them as though this is something unusual. Well, it is unusual. They are true human beings. They are absolutely fantastic people.

As the local member, as a councillor and as the previous mayor, I have so much gratitude and respect for these people. I have visited both the Orana and Bedford organisations and I see these young people there. They just want to get on with their lives. They are not sitting back and complaining. They are out there having good fun.

An honourable member: Full of fun.

Mr BROCK: They are full of fun. They should be an inspiration to all of us to enjoy our lives and to make certain that we acknowledge those people, bring them into our lives and make the best of everything.