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Nat Cook MP
Minister for Human Services
Wednesday, September 13 2023

The State Government’s Community Passenger Network has arrived in the Upper Spencer Gulf, supporting people needing transport assistance in the Whyalla and Port Augusta council areas.
Australian Red Cross has been contracted by the Department of Human Services to provide this valuable transport service for people aged under 65 (or under 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples) to participate in their community by getting out of their homes and engaging in local activities.
The service will assist people in the Whyalla and Port Augusta region who are unable to access existing transport options and aims to promotes social inclusion.
Australian Red Cross is already a community transport provider in the Upper Spencer Gulf, delivering Commonwealth Home Support Program transport services to people aged 65 and over.
The new Community Passenger Network in the Upper Spencer Gulf is part of the State Government’s commitment to expansion of regional community transport assistance for people who need it most.
Meanwhile, the State Government has boosted the Community Passenger Network in the North of the State, with the expansion of services into the Port Pirie Regional Council area.
Community Care and Transport is the service provider for the Northern Community Passenger Network, which is now providing services in six local government areas – Port Pirie Regional Council, District Council of Mount Remarkable, Flinders Ranges Council, District Council of Peterborough, Northern Areas Council and District Council of Orroroo Carrieton.
In addition, the Northern Community Passenger Network is also a booking agent for the Department for Infrastructure and Transport’s medical bus from the region to Adelaide. More information about the Community Passenger Network is available online.

Quotes attributable to Nat Cook
Lack of transport, or difficulty accessing transport due to mobility and health issues, can make it difficult for people to get out and socialise. The Community Passenger Network focuses on facilitating connections to local services and social activities, and I’m really pleased with this expansion of regional coverage. The Community Passenger Network has accredited volunteer drivers to take people to vital services and medical appointments, as well as on shopping trips, to events, social gatherings and leisure activities. This is a great service to allow local people to stay connected with their community and enjoy a fuller life.

Quotes attributable to Geoff Brock Stuart MP
How wonderful to see the Community Passenger Network expand to the Upper Spencer Gulf. This will enable constituents’ smoother access to health care professionals and eases the stress of acquiring transport for much needed medical appointments which in turn will enhance the health and wellbeing of all.

Quotes attributable to Eddie Hughes Giles MP
This is an important initiative especially for people with no or very limited transport options. We know that isolation and loneliness can be hard to bear, and we also know that that people who feel isolated and alone are more prone to adverse health impacts. We need to enhance participation within our communities and providing additional transport options is one approach. We also need to ensure there are better inter-city linkages for health services in regional communities as not all services are delivered in each community.