Enquiry into Sheriff’s Office

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Enquiry into Sheriff’s Office

Those wishing to give evidence before an inquiry into the State Courts Administration Council – Sheriff’s Office are being urged by Member for Frome, Geoff Brock MP, to provide written submissions and/or register their interest in presenting oral evidence.

Over the past 12 months Mr Brock has had numerous people from throughout South Australia and Queensland approach him about their experiences as employees at the Sheriff’s Office.

“Because of the number of contacts I received I considered it appropriate to have referred this matter on to the Parliamentary Committee for further investigation,” Mr Brock said.

“As a result, the issue has been taken up by the Legislative Council of the Parliament of South Australia’s Statutory Authorities Review Committee who are calling for people who have substantiated concerns or evidence of any concerns while working for the Sheriff’s Office to come forward.”

The Inquiry will focus on the operations, effectiveness and employment practices of the Sheriff’s Office including systems and protocols dealing with workplace bullying, harassment and misconduct as well as other matters.

Mr Brock said he encouraged all those who had spoken to him, as well as any other former or current Sheriff’s office employees to take this opportunity to  speak about their employment treatment while working under the State Courts Administration Council.

“People wanting to give evidence in writing or to appear before the committee will be protected under parliamentary privilege,” Mr Brock said.

“Should anyone wish for part, or all of their written submission to be treated as confidential they should clearly indicate this on the document and the committee will consider the request.”

Written submissions and expressions of interest in presenting oral evidence should be addressed to the Secretary, Statutory Authorities Review committee, Parliament House, GPO Box 572 Adelaide, SA 5001 or via email: [email protected]. Phone enquiries: (08) 8237 9417.

Written submissions and/or registrations of interest in presenting oral evidence to the committee should be received by Friday, March 15, 2019.