Government slow to assess rural speed limits

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Government slow to assess rural speed limits

It’s been nearly two years since Member for Frome Geoff Brock MP requested the State government to reassess the reduced speed limit on the Goyder Highway from Crystal Brook to Gulnare and there has still been no action.

The speed limit on this section of road was reduced from 110km/h to 100km/h as part of a Statewide review of rural roads which were in poor driving condition.

“However, the Gulnare to Crystal Brook Road is in very good condition and should never have seen a speed limit change,” Mr Brock said.

“I travel on this road regularly and, together with other drivers, believe it to be in good driving condition”. Mr Brock said.

Mr Brock said he disagreed with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s assessment of the Gulnare to Crystal Brook Road, but despite requesting a review this has been slow to occur.

“I have had support for this change from the CEO of the Northern Areas Council, Colin Byles, as well as many regional business owners and road users within the Frome electorate” said Mr Brock.

A survey of more than 500 people by a region newspaper in September 2018 came up with a staggering 94.1 percent supporting the return to the 110km/h speed limit on appropriate roads.

Mr Brock first took up the issue with the Minister of the day in mid-2017, he disagreed with the reduction from 110 to100 km an hour.  Mr Brock again wrote to the new government in April and July 2018 requesting that this road be returned to 110 km hr.

“I again wrote to the Minister in January this year requesting an onsite inspection of the road, as I still in disagree with the departments assessment of this road.”

Having been patient for some time, Mr Brock again brought the matter up in Parliament on

February 26, asking the Minister for Transport the Hon Stephan Knoll when there would be an on-site inspection and a reassessment of the road.

“Last July the government said that a part of their election commitment was to go through a systematic review of country roads regarding this reduction of speed limit on rural roads, and I asked for an on-site inspection – so far this has not eventuated,” Mr Brock said.

The minister did not answer Mr Brocks request for an on-site inspection and Mr Brock is again writing to the minister for the department to explain their reasons for not returning this road to the 110 km per hour as part of the new government’s election commitment.

Mr Brock said he hoped the inspection of the road would occur soon and that the Crystal Brook to Gulnare Road would be reinstated to its previous speed limit of 110km/h without any further delay.