Firefighter Investment Port Pirie to be Key Regional Centre

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Firefighter Investment Port Pirie to be Key Regional Centre

After advocating for our local emergency fire services, through various meetings with the Port Pirie Metropolitan Fire Services and Minister for Emergency Services, I am extremely pleased to see the Government have listened and the Port Pirie Metropolitan Fire Services (MFS) will receive additional Firefighter positions.

This investment will provide an extra full time firefighter per shift plus a relief firefighter, making a total of five additional full time firefighter positions.

Introducing five full time firefighter positions to our local station is good news for our community.

The Port Pirie MFS is staff 24/7 and currently has a minimum of five firefighters per shift, with additional relief firefighters available to cover when needed.

The additional position per shift will enable further specialist resources to be implemented in Port Pirie to reflect the growing industry in the area.

Port Pirie MFS will be established as the key Regional Support Centre to seven other MFS stations in the regional area. Wallaroo, kadina, Moonta, Peterborough, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln and Whyalla.

Not only is this creating full time jobs, but also improving service to the region and making Pirie a central and important station for the surrounding towns.

I look forward to the recruitment of these firefighting positions, which are anticipated to occur from current retained MFS firefighter ranks in regional South Australia over the next three years.