Extension of 80km Speed Limit on Abattoirs Road

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Extension of 80km Speed Limit on Abattoirs Road

I first received concerns about the speed limit of 100km from residents living on Abattoirs Road near Waits Road, in September last year.

This road falls within the jurisdiction of Port Pirie Regional Council (PPRC). Local residents submitted a petition to the PPRC to have the speed reduced as they felt it was unsafe when entering or exiting this road into their properties.

Unfortunately, this lobbying by the residents did not result in a reduction to the speed limit at that time.

Following this issue being brought to my attention, I carried out an on-site inspection with residents to more clearly understand their concerns.  The road received major upgrade in recent times, which has been very welcomed by road users.

However, resident drivers approaching or leaving Abattoirs road advised that the time to ascertain safe passage had been greatly reduced due to the speed vehicles are travelling on this road. They strongly believed their safety using this road is at risk.

I wrote to the Minister for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure for his consideration and approval to reduce this speed limit and improve the road safety for all users. Following the Departments approval to reduce the speed in this area, the decision rested with the Port Pirie Regional Council.

I am pleased to be informed that PPRC has reviewed their previous decision and have the 80km speed  zone on Abattoirs road will be extended to west of Waits Road.