New Accommodation for adventurous backpackers in the Mid North Town of Blyth

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New Accommodation for adventurous backpackers in the Mid North Town of Blyth

A $100,000 Regional Development Fund grant will support BDH Hostelry’s $410,000 project to transform the hospital site into a 46-bed backpacker hostel, complete with camp kitchen, bar and bike hire service.

Geoff is pleased to see investment in a 46-bed backpacker hostel, a new venture that will create new jobs, revitalise the vacant Blyth Hospital and attract backpackers to the Mid North is being backed by a State Government grant.

The new facility will offer short-stay accommodation for backpackers and visitors and provide longer-term accommodation options for vintage and other seasonal workers.

Major upgrades to be funded through the grant, to make the building suitable for accommodation, will include upgrades to the plumbing and electrical systems and the fire and smoke detection systems.  The facility will house a 30kw solar system and solar hot water.

Both Nicole and joint owner Anthon Haitana have stated they feel privileged to receive the support of the Regional Development Fund.

“The grant will help us to realise our vision, which is to support tourists who want to explore the Mid North region by offering an affordable and relaxed experience.

There isn’t a backpacker hostel currently within 100km of Blyth, including the Clare Valley, so it’s going to be very exciting to explore this market” they said.

The BDH Hostelry will also provide much-needed service to local businesses by offering accommodation for domestic and international workers who come to the Mid North for employment at vintage and harvest.

A range of quality accommodation options is crucial to entice visitors to any region which is why it makes economic sense for the Mid North to diversify into the backpacker market.

“I know visitors will enjoy a unique experience in Blyth, setting the scene for their continued travels throughout the Mid North.” Said Geoff