Now is not the time to privatise health services

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Now is not the time to privatise health services

Privatising our South Australian health services will be detrimental to communities and create instability for staff said Member for Frome Geoff Brock MP as well as removing one of the building blocks of the State’s overall wellbeing.

Mr Brock is firmly in support of two Bills presented to Parliament by Independent Member for Florey Frances Bedford MP which will end the possibility of privatising SA Pathology or any other public health care provider.

“SA Pathology has proven itself to be a front-line defender during this COVID-19 Pandemic and should be kept firmly in Government hands,” Mr Brock said.

“Any doubts on the efficacy of the service and its management have been put to rest by its stellar work to keep us safe.”

Mr Brock said the constant uncertainty for health service staff under threat of privatisation was bad for morale and bad for the South Australian community.

“Ms Bedford has presented two Bills to Parliament, both of which I support – one will establish SA Pathology as a distinct public health service in the Health Care Act and the other will prevent privatisation of any public health service without consideration and approval by parliament.”

Both these Bills will ensure stability for important public health services, not only during this Pandemic, but into the future, said Mr Brock.

“The public deserves reassurance and continuity as well as comfort in the knowledge they will be able to access health services when they need them most.

“The Bills will also provide staff with an assured future and employment stability.”