Praise for SA Pathology decision

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Praise for SA Pathology decision

The State Government has announced it will not consider privatising SA Pathology in light of that organisation’s vastly improved performance over the past 12 months.

Member for Frome Geoff Brock MP has applauded the decision, as the idea of privatising the service would have put vulnerable members of the community at risk.

“12 months ago I spoke in Parliament about how distressed I was to hear the government’s plans to privatise the SA Pathology service, despite not engaging with the real stakeholders – the community – about their wishes and needs, Mr Brock said.

SA Pathology has locations in Port Pirie, Crystal Brook and Clare and a privatised model could have removed the ability for concession fee help and bulk billing for those unable to otherwise afford lifesaving services.

“I was particularly concerned at the time that the government had not engaged with affected regional local government to ask for submissions and had started making moves towards privatisation without notice.”

Mr Brock, together with other Members of Parliament, spoke up about their concerns and asked all members to support the view that the status quo remain.

“The State government made a decision to give SA Pathology a year to show that it could provide high-quality services on a reduced budget, which it has done.

“SA Pathology should be congratulated for meeting each of the markers required by government and it is delivering exceptional value for money to the State’s taxpayers,” Mr Brock said.

“It has also provided amazing service through the Coronavirus pandemic, providing us all with a world-class COVID-19 testing service, reducing the spread of the virus and saving lives.”